BullThrottle - Exergaming Controller

BullThrottle allows you to convert your exercise machine, like an exercise bike, into a game controller. It makes your exercise more fun and helps you to stay more fit during the COVID-19 self-isolation times. All you need is BullThrottle controller, a magnet to trigger the sensor, and a scotch tape.

BullThrottle in use

Computer detects it as a joystick with 2 axes, throttle control and 6 buttons

BullThrottle joystick properties

Magnetic sensor is easy to attach to a stationary part of your exercise machine, while magnet is placed on the moving part. Strong enough magnet can trigger the sensor from up to 2 cm.

BullThrottle sensor

BullThrottle is based on Arduino Micro and is easy to make at home. 3D printed casing is easy to print and requires very few supports, easy to remove. No exotic parts, materials, tools or processes are used.

Selection of game to play is important for making your exercise fun. We recommend Sky Rogue, see a review by famous Scott Manley here.