USB powered speaker system

Design objectives

No-hassle speaker system for working space in a small room that doesn't sound small.

  1. In many big cities apartments tend to become smaller, any horizontal surface, table or floor, is a precious real estate better to be used for things other than being occupied by a speaker system. Therefore, it has to hang on the wall or other vertical surface.
  2. In reality, it rarely happens that people can setup the speaker system and organize the space around in a way which allows proper enjoyment of stereo sound. Therefore, it is practical to use just one mono speaker, reducing the cost, space and the number of cables around.
  3. External power adaptors are bulky and occupy valuable power sockets, while typically there are some USB ports available. Therefore, power supply should be via USB.
  4. There already is volume control in any player application, as well as overall volume control for the device. Therefore, yet another volume control on the speaker itself is not needed. Also, physical volume control is usually the first thing to fail in a speaker system, especially in hot and humid climate.
  5. Bigger speaker driven at 5% of max volume sound better than a small speaker driven at 100%. Therefore, oversized good quality coaxial car speaker is the best choice.

USB powered speaker system
PCB for USB powered speaker system

Where to buy

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