Paranoid Diary

Your mobile device is not a good place to keep secrets. If the government, tech giants, or bandits with guns will target you specifically, nothing can save you. What you can protect from is amateur hackers and indiscriminate data mining – and this is what Paranoid Diary can help you with.

How can we prove that?

  • The app is not asking for any permissions, other than location – which is used only if you enable the geotagging feature.
  • You can easily check this in PlayStore – app – About the app – App permissions – see more. Paranoid Diary is NOT using the network, or write anything to shared storage on the phone. The only way you can get any data out of Paranoid Diary is by your deliberate and explicit action (sharing to other app, or backup).
  • The source code of the application is open and is publicly available at You can verify it by yourself, or build your own copy. This link is also the place to report bugs or vote for the new features.
  • All textual information (text of your records or tags) is “encrypted at rest” with 256 bit RSA algorithm, so even if someone can get access to the app private storage space, the text will not be revealed. An important consequence of this is that if you forget your password, there is absolutely no way to recover your data.
  • For backup, password protected ZIP file is used. One of the recommended ways of extracting the backup is to share it directly with a trusted device over Bluetooth, avoiding using any online services.

Paranoid Diary is NOT for the diary you want to share publicly. It is to keep track of your very personal thoughts, which you want to keep to yourself.

Key features

  • Work offline – Paranoid Diary is not using the network at all.
  • Easily find the previous records on the same subject by using tags.
  • Diary records are immutable. You can delete a record entirely, but you cannot rewrite your history.

Install the app from Google Play Store here: